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My armory chest in FFXIV 0

The Armory of Final Fantasy XIV

Creating a character is first step in the traditional MMO experience, but managing more than one can be both a blessing and a curse. As part of that process, players select a class, cementing...

Memusu and Miina on an adventure 0

Eorzean Adventures Commence!

Welcome to our first ongoing column, Eorzean Adventures! Join intrepid adventurers Memusu Tsuuma (Gin) and Miina Amih (Kira) as they explore the realm of Eorzea and take in the many sights, challenges, and pleasures...

vboybanner 0

Vindicating The Virtual Boy

  Treated as a traditional game console or portable,Nintendo’s first 3D console, the Virtual Boy, fell flat with its short shelf life and small library of games As a platform for a handful of...